Assignment – Second Quarter

April 26, 2006 goddess14

My greatest challenge was moving from Primary to Secondary. it was pretty big because i moved from a place fare from here and i didnt know anyone on my first day of school.
i got mixed up in the wrong crowd, i started drinking and tried smoking. i had big arguments with my parents and didnt talk to my sister for a while( who is my best friend, i trust here with anything) i used to wear so much makeup and were really skanky clothes and worry about my hair 24-7. but know when i look back i see what peer presure really does its not just making you smoke and drink it is much more it ruins you life and the ones you love. in year 9 i just had annof i was changing my self into something i was not, so i dissided to screw all my friends(who turned on me anyway and said that i said shit behind there backs) screw what people thought about me and screw my apperance and boys. i stopped wearing makeup, worrying about my hair made 3 new best friends (lisa, rachel, emily), and started talking to my family about the whole situation with smoking and stuff and i am a better person know and i coulden’t be happier. my parents have full trust for me know and they adore my friends. i realise know going through that it made me way more mature and stronger person . my school work, family, friends and soccer are my only consern, i have moved on from what i was.


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  • 1. drhaisook  |  May 29, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    Congrats! You must be very self-confident!

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