Final Quater

June 14, 2006 goddess14

1)stereotypes have a huge impact on my life and half of the choices I make and the choices in the future will be based on a stereotypical greek life. being greek there are certain things i have to follow. Finish school, get a good job, marry a greek boy and have kids. theres no time to play soccer, no time to watch tv, no time to hang around with friends and anyone that has a european backround can pack me up. my grandparents always tease me saying that girls dont play soccer. it cuts me bad because i enjoy the game and them saying things like  that makes me fell  for all those irls who cant do anything sportish because of there backrounds. so yes most of the disisions will be based on stereotypes but a different stereotype.

2) yes stereotypes are in australia, we are like a second america. if americans do it e do it. every girl wants that perfect body, every boy wants those great abs and muscles. so yes they are in australia.

3)i have confranted steroetypes so many times. for instace girls not playing soccer. i mostly get it from boys who cant get over them selfes and think boys are tuff and all mighty.

4)yes the media are so much responsible. you see all those beauty, make up comersals on tv. they are teaching girls and women to look pretty 100%. they always show models and celebrities looking good because they have makeup artist and the money to buy expencive clothes. even boys you always see famous sports players with those amazing bodys its teaching boys to be like that. its like there telling them the moral in life. so yes the media have a lot to do with stereotypes.


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