Doctor Who

June 15, 2006 goddess14


a) the doctor was prejudice of the dalek because they killed all his people and he thought that all daeks were evil. Also he thought they were mean evil and deserved to die.

b) the Dalek is prejudice because daleks dont fear and humans do.  also the dalek thought they wipped out all  of there people.

c) van Statten was prejudice because he tourches aliens and as soon as he found out that the doctor was an alien he torched him to.

d) 1 other example of prejudice was when they meet doctor who and rose they judged them straight away.

2. when rose said what are you turning into it meant you are going to kill the dalek for killing your people but why are you going to kill the dalek.  he turns into a inserquare person and only believes in hi own story not the daleks.

3. the dalek was prejudice against other life forms because humans fear and daleks dont, humans are evil, mean and torcher inossent people and he thinks they only killed humans because what they were doing to there race.

4. the daleks and the nazis were similar because they both belive in killing a race, And they both thought it was shamefull to be a certain way and they think that everyone should be like them.

5. one prejudice i faces was when corin first came to this school she judged me and said that i looked like a pretty, greek, popular, cow who could’nt get over herself. but when i started talking to her and becoming her freind she realised that she was wrong. after we became really good friends she told me but i just laughted because i was nothing like that.


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