Why should’nt you be jealous of my holidays!

October 2, 2006 goddess14

Well if you call being sick whilst being with you entire greek family well you’d probably agree with me on this one, no one in thee right mind would ever be jealous of my holiday.  There was some up sides.I spent time with my two of my georgues aunties, we went to the city to have lunch. We spent hours talking about boys, school and well gossip. We played tennis and went shopping, shopping and well even more shopping. The rest of my holidays were shit, shit and well even more shit. I fell really sick I fainted and vommited atleast 1000 times it was so gross. My sister and brother went to the movies with there friends to see john tucker must die and i was at home watching oprah….go me. i spent 3 days with my grandparents but i cant complain we went shopping and i got really cool stuff. But my holidays were spoilt by being sick, so yeah my holidays were pretty shit.


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