Why should’nt you be jealous of my holidays!

Well if you call being sick whilst being with you entire greek family well you’d probably agree with me on this one, no one in thee right mind would ever be jealous of my holiday.  There was some up sides.I spent time with my two of my georgues aunties, we went to the city to have lunch. We spent hours talking about boys, school and well gossip. We played tennis and went shopping, shopping and well even more shopping. The rest of my holidays were shit, shit and well even more shit. I fell really sick I fainted and vommited atleast 1000 times it was so gross. My sister and brother went to the movies with there friends to see john tucker must die and i was at home watching oprah….go me. i spent 3 days with my grandparents but i cant complain we went shopping and i got really cool stuff. But my holidays were spoilt by being sick, so yeah my holidays were pretty shit.


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in my novel, the main character is daisy Hamilton. daisy is 16 years old. she was born on 1856. she grew up in TOttenham Street, england. she was a beautiful young girl, she had long brown wavey hair. Daisy was the mother of young thomas, well sister really but her mother died of small box 1 month ago. she had a father but he was of at war and she haddent seen him for 4 years, he didn’t even know about his wifes death. since her mother died she had to drop out of school, steal, and get a job at the local fish market! stacking shelves and barrels full of fish. her first problem was getting caught stealing a loaf of bread and and apple.

some other problems sheis going to face i

  • leaving her brother and being transported to australia.
  • getting used to ship life.
  • meeting a boy called keith johnson
  • landidng at australia
  • getting used to her surroundings.
  • being whipped for answering back
  • meeting a aboriginal girl called amaroon
  • escapig
  • seeing her brother again

in this story the whole tension and plot is seeing her brother again

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Doctor Who


a) the doctor was prejudice of the dalek because they killed all his people and he thought that all daeks were evil. Also he thought they were mean evil and deserved to die.

b) the Dalek is prejudice because daleks dont fear and humans do.  also the dalek thought they wipped out all  of there people.

c) van Statten was prejudice because he tourches aliens and as soon as he found out that the doctor was an alien he torched him to.

d) 1 other example of prejudice was when they meet doctor who and rose they judged them straight away.

2. when rose said what are you turning into it meant you are going to kill the dalek for killing your people but why are you going to kill the dalek.  he turns into a inserquare person and only believes in hi own story not the daleks.

3. the dalek was prejudice against other life forms because humans fear and daleks dont, humans are evil, mean and torcher inossent people and he thinks they only killed humans because what they were doing to there race.

4. the daleks and the nazis were similar because they both belive in killing a race, And they both thought it was shamefull to be a certain way and they think that everyone should be like them.

5. one prejudice i faces was when corin first came to this school she judged me and said that i looked like a pretty, greek, popular, cow who could’nt get over herself. but when i started talking to her and becoming her freind she realised that she was wrong. after we became really good friends she told me but i just laughted because i was nothing like that.

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Final Quater

1)stereotypes have a huge impact on my life and half of the choices I make and the choices in the future will be based on a stereotypical greek life. being greek there are certain things i have to follow. Finish school, get a good job, marry a greek boy and have kids. theres no time to play soccer, no time to watch tv, no time to hang around with friends and anyone that has a european backround can pack me up. my grandparents always tease me saying that girls dont play soccer. it cuts me bad because i enjoy the game and them saying things like  that makes me fell  for all those irls who cant do anything sportish because of there backrounds. so yes most of the disisions will be based on stereotypes but a different stereotype.

2) yes stereotypes are in australia, we are like a second america. if americans do it e do it. every girl wants that perfect body, every boy wants those great abs and muscles. so yes they are in australia.

3)i have confranted steroetypes so many times. for instace girls not playing soccer. i mostly get it from boys who cant get over them selfes and think boys are tuff and all mighty.

4)yes the media are so much responsible. you see all those beauty, make up comersals on tv. they are teaching girls and women to look pretty 100%. they always show models and celebrities looking good because they have makeup artist and the money to buy expencive clothes. even boys you always see famous sports players with those amazing bodys its teaching boys to be like that. its like there telling them the moral in life. so yes the media have a lot to do with stereotypes.

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Assignment – Second Quarter

My greatest challenge was moving from Primary to Secondary. it was pretty big because i moved from a place fare from here and i didnt know anyone on my first day of school.
i got mixed up in the wrong crowd, i started drinking and tried smoking. i had big arguments with my parents and didnt talk to my sister for a while( who is my best friend, i trust here with anything) i used to wear so much makeup and were really skanky clothes and worry about my hair 24-7. but know when i look back i see what peer presure really does its not just making you smoke and drink it is much more it ruins you life and the ones you love. in year 9 i just had annof i was changing my self into something i was not, so i dissided to screw all my friends(who turned on me anyway and said that i said shit behind there backs) screw what people thought about me and screw my apperance and boys. i stopped wearing makeup, worrying about my hair made 3 new best friends (lisa, rachel, emily), and started talking to my family about the whole situation with smoking and stuff and i am a better person know and i coulden’t be happier. my parents have full trust for me know and they adore my friends. i realise know going through that it made me way more mature and stronger person . my school work, family, friends and soccer are my only consern, i have moved on from what i was.

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Just because i am a girl , boys think they can tease me and my friends about girls playing soccer. i have heard that all my life by older cousins, people at school and even from my grandparents, it is sexist and i cant stand it . my family thinks that i am supposed to finish school, marry a greek  boy, settle down and have children, With out any distractions but i love soccer and they cant stop me playing. Yeah boys might be stronger and fitter and dominate the game but they didnt stop to think to give us girls a try. i have been brought up with my dad coaching heidelberg united. being greek its all about family, i love them to death but they need to understand my needs, and boys should stop thinking about themselves and think about us for a change.

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On the holidays my best mate had to travel 8 hours to see me. His name is tom and we have know each other for 10 years. Since he hasent been to melbourne we toke him and his sister kathleen to main street got a coffee and after we headed to croydon pools. we had such a great day. Also on the holidays i went to the cinema with rachel. we saw yours mine and ours. it was okay but it was just a remake of cheaper by the dozen.  i also went to my holiday house in Corrinet Bay, it is 10 minutes away from Philipp island.

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